Just a Tip: Shapewear

Before I start this, I want to reiterate that cosplay is for all ages, sizes, races, genders, and even species. Everyone should be happy and confident in their own skin. Pick a character you love and have fun, because that’s what cosplay is all about!

Now, if you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to fit into an older costume or feel that same confidence when I wear something to a photoshoot. My metabolism is not quite as fast as it used to be, even with regular exercise. I’ve found that shapewear (yes, they have it for men as well!) works wonders to enhance my cosplay when I need it most.

Photo Credit: Spanx

Much like my dance belt PSA a couple months back, shapewear is a tight-fitting piece of clothing that smooths out whatever it covers. In contrast to dance belts though, they are completely optional. I find I like the way I look in photos better when I wear it, and it even helps my posture – which only makes my pose more powerful.

Is it right for everyone? No. Is it a requirement to cosplay? Nope! It’s something to consider when looking at your options, and I especially encourage men to be open-minded about trying it out. Who knows, it may just become your new favorite costume piece!


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