Cosplay PSA: Real Talk

TL;DR: Looking for new topics, as I’m always interested in what followers would like to see. Also, how many of you even see this?

So, like the title says, a bit of real talk. What would you like to see me discuss here? Don’t worry, I still have a handful of topics left in the hopper but wanted to see what I might be missing in my bi-weekly entries. Something you see at cons? Something you’d love to bring up among your cosplay friends, but worried on how to say it? Let me know in the comments below or message the page directly!

Also wondering if it’s worth keeping the column going. According to the Facebook Algorithm post from a few weeks back, only six of you even saw this. Six. And even getting that many reactions to the post had Facebook send me not one, but three different notifications about if I pay them many dollars, they will deign to allow others to see it on their news feed.

I know I’m not the only one that deals with this. Just this week, two major cosplayers I follow (with ~270x the number of followers than I have) flat out quit Facebook and deleted their page. Apparently there’s been far better luck and less headache with Instagram. (Side note: And all the youngins’ are using IG and Youtube exclusively now) I got this page to share my love of cosplay and my builds with the world, but it’s been harder and harder to share with anyone but a very small circle.

Cosplay’s always been a hobby to me, but one I take seriously. This page is one of six social media accounts I run (alongside my personal page, Blackstar Cosplay, and an Old Republic cosplay group) on top of work, cons, and my personal builds. I want to make this the best page I can, but social media management and content creation is EXHAUSTING and I really don’t know how half of you do it so well.

Point being, trying to decide the future of my PSAs. If you guys like them, let me know below, and I’ll be happy to keep putting them out. If I’m mostly just yelling into the cosplay void though, might be better to just let this fade away.


#Cosplay #CosplayPSA #RealTalk #TopicIdeas #Hobby #Exhausted #TLDR

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