Travel Tastes: Doner

When I stepped off the plane in Istanbul, could immediately smell smoke and meat. The wafting from all the cigarettes and meat cooked on skewers. Walking towards the exit to the car, I walked past two or three gigantic vertical rotisseries of meat kebab. I learn quickly that this is called Doner. They shave it off with a strange mallet that is a peeler.

After the heat around the meat has cooked it through, you get fresh meat shaving on a platter. This can come with pita, tomatoes and french fries. It can come with this amazing green sauce that I still don't know the name of.

The texture of doner is very strange for the first couple of times you eat it. If I could imagine eating paper towels, that's what I expect it to feel like in my mouth. The taste is absolutely divine.

It's a great meal and even better when it's authentic.

Hoping to continue to venture in my middle eastern food traditionas.

#doner #fries #frenchfries #turkey #meat #kebab

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