Cosplay PSA: Staging Base

When traveling to a convention on the other side of the country (or even world) you always need to find a place to stay, and normally that means staying in a hotel. Sure, it’s great for sleeping (and bathing regularly – See my last PSA), but more than anything, it’s your staging base for everything con-related! Picking a hotel next to or attached to the convention itself is perfect for storing essentials like water and snacks, providing a place to change costumes (or change back into casual clothes without fuss), and maybe even take a mid-con nap before finding dinner!

This can be super helpful for local cons as well. If you can afford it, having a place to stage each day before and after the con can be a lifesaver on prep and carrying all your gear (and self) around. Plus, it makes an excellent location to host tasteful hotel parties for your fellow con friends!

But hotels are pricey! I totally understand! A good way around this is to share with friends! There are lots of cosplayers who are flying solo and might need a place to stay, and it’s fun to adventure with new people! A word of warning though, make sure they’re people you’re willing to share a room with. Someone who doesn’t party while you sleep or wander around everywhere naked (unless you’re both cool with that. No judgment.) Who wants to be stuck in an uncomfortable situation all weekend?

So next time you’re planning out a con, think about lodging as well. Might take all the weight off your shoulders!


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