Cosplay PSA: Keepin’ It Fresh

Today I figured it would be a good time to address a stereotype among the geek and cosplay community that is many times true: Stale body odor. Yes, many times the world at large sees us as the unwashed masses, which we’ve all experienced standing in line on those last couple days of a convention. Stuck next to others that make you hold your breath to avoid their particular fragrance. Walking into a locker room and gas station bathroom scented cloud like it’s challenging your nostrils to a duel.

I get it. Showers and baths are a pain. You need a proper bathroom and spare clothes and time out of your day. Many times it’s cheaper to just skip the hotel room and sleep in the convention hall. Or on the street at places like San Diego Comic Con. What’s wrong with feeling a little sticky for the weekend, right? Those having to stand in line with your or be packed in the tight vendor aisles, however, would heartily disagree. They shouldn’t have to deal with your three (or sometimes five) day old body funk. No one should. This is 10x more important when attending speed dating events or mixers, because lack of hygiene isn’t sexy. Trust me on this.

Point being: If you’re going to a multi-day convention, make plans to freshen up. And not just spraying fresh coat of Axe/Lynx or wet paper towels in a public bathroom sink. Your fellow con-goers can smell through the mask, and everyone suffers for it. In the case of the body spray, more like suffocate for it. Side PSA: Febreeze your costume if it’s all you’re wearing too, as it’s not just your body that starts to smell. Some fabrics can get especially ripe after a solid day at a summer con.

So, do everyone a favor, and keep it fresh.


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