Cosplay PSA: Dance Belt

Do you love #cosplay? Are you biologically male? Thinking about wearing a form-fitting suit? Well, let me introduce you to a magical invention: A dance belt!

What’s a dance belt, you might ask? Originally created for male dancers in the #ballet (stay with me here!) where the audience might get distracted by seeing every detailed bit of what was being smuggled in the tight leotard. Creating a solid bit of fabric, like heavy duty #underwear, it reshapes things into a solid bulge, like you see in the comics.

At cons, this is very important. Cosplay is for everyone, no matter your weight, age, or race, but everyone would rather avoid a glimpse of what you’re packing. I can’t tell you the number of times a group photoshoot will consist of a group of men, all in skintight suits, and nothing is left to the imagination.

Just remember: No one wants to see your junk, super or not. So do everyone at the con a favor, and wear a dance belt the next time you cosplay!


#CosplayPSA #Cosplay #DanceBelt #Pleaseandthankyou #Avertyoureyes #bulge #male

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