Cosplay PSA: Oh, Deadpool

As Deadpool 2 is coming out in a couple weeks, it seems like the perfect time to talk about the character and his popularity as a cosplay. I get the appeal: he’s a wise-cracking, nearly immortal anti-hero that breaks a lot of conventions in both storytelling and the comics industry. He’s wacky, crude, and it’s never clear if he’ll kill you or flirt with you. The costume is bright yet tactical, and has a mask that means anyone can look like the iconic character. As he’s gained more public recognition, this has meant a veritable army of Deadpools in all sorts of costume variations and crossovers.

But for that’s choose to dress as Deadpool: Please, PLEASE, don’t be a jerk. Many cosplayers seem to use the costume as their one time to stay in character, method acting the worst and most annoying characteristics. Just because you choose to dress as Deadpool doesn’t give you an excuse to jump in the middle of photoshoots as a photobomb and sticking around after being asked to leave, taking props without asking, to troll families with offensive language just to make parents uncomfortable, cutting lines just because, or invading others’ personal space as a IRL fourth wall break. You wouldn’t do these things while dressed like anyone else, so why do it for this one costume?

Does that mean you can’t do crazy things? Of course not. Just read the con hall and be respectful. Take those reality-breaking photos, get in a battle with Captain Kirk, have your love affair with Spider-Man, gorge on chimichangas. Just remember that being a jerk ruins cons for the other participants, and can hurt the reputation of all the other Deadpools wandering around – Leading to Cosplay PSAs devoted to the topic.


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