Cosplay PSA: Postal Issues

I know, I know, running late tonight- So let’s do this thing!

The Post Office. Big in the news, not as popular anymore with the internet, but essential to the cosplay community. Artists of all stripes use it to ship their cosplay, props, and accessories to others around the world. That being said, I thought I might share a couple tips!

Be wary of crafting and shipping times. One of the first times I experienced this personally was when I ordered the lightsabers for my Jedi cosplay. I must have missed the fine print, as in the end, I waited over three months for it to arrive at my door. Frustrating, but I was lucky that I ordered it so far in advance. It arrived just before the con! So be prepared in case your vital piece doesn’t arrive on time!

But also be prepared for contingencies! Things can sometimes go totally off the rails. There was a wonderful artist that I commissioned a 3D printed rifle from. It was a beautiful piece, which made me even sadder when the box arrived… Only to find out the piece was split in half down the middle. Disheartening, but nothing some ingenuity and glue can’t fix. In the end, it taught me that sometimes the postal service isn’t as gentle as they should be…

Moral of the story? Lots of patience and be prepared for anything. Hard to do too far in advance, and anxiety-inducing when you’re in con crunch, but this is how we avoid some of that!


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