Cosplay PSA: Making Time for Kids

Kids are seriously the best part of cosplaying. There’s nothing quite as awesome as seeing a kid’s eyes light up with wonder and excitement to see one of their #heroes. We were all that #child at one point, dreaming of being a Jedi, Avenger, or anime character. Now that we’re all grown(ish), definitely take the time to stop and indulge them for a few minutes! Whether it’s acting the part, encouraging them to stand up for what is right, or handing them a lightsaber/Batrang/Keyblade to join you in your quest. In taking a photo or engaging with them, it makes their day special!

There’s also plenty of opportunities to volunteer and meet kids at hospitals, charity events, and other special events. What can be more exciting when confined to a #hospital bed, sometimes away from your family, than a #superhero showing up to meet you? If you’re interested in trying this avenue, there are numerous groups across the country (and the world) that would be happy to have another member! If you’d rather run solo, you can check with your local hospital/school/church administration to find out the details! Be aware though, that most organizations prefer to only have heroic characters visit kids, so lay off the anti-heroes and villains. I’m sure there are exceptions (Darth Vader, for instance) but rule of thumb.

Finally, a habit I’ve picked up from Jae is to take the time to thank parents at cons. By bringing their kids, and especially when letting their kids dress up, they are passing on all these wonderful fandoms to the next generation. Some of their costumes are surprisingly elaborate too! Most times the parents are pretty thrown off by the random compliment, but it really seems to make the whole family’s day!


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