Happy Birthday, Jae!

Rather than my usual #CosplayPSA, I thought I’d do a #birthday feature on my #cosplay partner Crazy Jae Cosplay!

Originally hailing from the great white North that is upstate New York, Jae decided to come down to the decidedly greener pastures of the Washington, DC area. Her favorite things to do in her spare time include #reading, traveling the world, and playing tons of board games with friends. She loves to teach others new games and learn about far off places. She even has a map to put pins for each new location she visits!

As a #cosplayer, Jae’s favorite fandom to represent is #DC Comics, particularly #Batman characters. #Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Ridder, Talon… She loves them all! She’s also worn #Belle from Beauty and the Beast on occasion, as it’s her favorite #Disney princess. Jae’s passion for cosplay is what originally drew us together when we met, as she lights up at the chance to portray these amazing pop culture symbols. She’s quick to reach to kids as well, happy to take pictures and act the part for their wide-eyed excitement at meeting their heroes.

Jae is also the founder of Better With Cosplay, where she can show off her varied skills in #costuming commissions, #photography, and #cooking. An engineer by trade, she has a penchant for visualizing new designs or free handing patterns from just looking at a reference photo. Jae has created most, if not all of my cosplay in the past couple years, while I help with research, weapons, and armor. Although she primarily creates fabric pieces, she’s slowly learning #foamsmithing as well. At photoshoots, Jae loves to find the perfect background setting for each character, to best represent their environment in the finished shot. Most times this means taking the time to talk to models about their character’s background, personality, and major events to replicate.

So, Happy Birthday, Jae! Please make sure to check out her page on Facebook (Crazy Jae Cosplay) and on Instagram (CrazyJaeCosplay)! She’s got a lot planned for 2018, and it should be exciting to see!


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