PSA: To Each Their Own

Today's lesson: Respect that everyone has their passions (unless super illegal, but that’s for another PSA)

On my personal page, a number of friends engage in frequent marathons, triathalons, and other major endurance races, Once or twice, I’ve seen posts from the same people about how “weird” and “creepy” cosplay is. How dressing up for anything but Halloween is something to be ashamed of, and for older cosplayers, seems like something only hermit-like outcasts would do. It bothers me when I see it, but I've tried to see it from their perspective.

For the uninitiated, I'm sure it's strange to see people in sometime outlandish costumes. It's quite a sight for me just walking around the convention hall, let alone being a third party watching from the street. There's been a stigma that came along with the super nerdy stereotype of a "cosplayer" for a long time, but it's finally beginning to change.

I’d say the two groups more in common than they’d think. They spend months preparing for a big event, while honing their skills to do the best job on the big day. They find trials and obstacles to overcome, the occasional injury or dehydration (always hydrate on race/con day!), and are excited and proud to show off all their hard work to friends, family, and strangers. Many of them end up inspiring others to dream bigger and try new things. I'd say that only long-distance running has nipple-chafing, but I guess that depends on the costume... In the end, both groups are hot, tired, and sore, but also fulfilled with an event well done.

So you do you, whatever your passions are, and respect that everyone has weird hobbies.


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