Happy N7 Day!

"I’m Blackstar, and this is my favorite holiday on the Citadel." This Mass Effect-related holiday has only been around for a few years, but I’m glad to have two of my favorite fandoms (along with Star Wars) celebrated by fans around the world! Mass Effect took the wonderful base that Bioware created in Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) and built on it to make their own sci-fi universe to explore and save. Mass Effect introduced us to new species, rich relationships with the various crew members of the Normandy (and later the Tempest), and the original trilogy gave us the terrifying Reapers. As Lovecraftian squid monsters from dark space, they seemed unstoppable, while twisting organic life into something perverted. Nothing can beat the Citadel DLC and the way it catered to fans with its noir feel and street-level vibe while really allowing time to bond with your crew….

I know there’s been mixed feelings on Andromeda: technical issues, developer support, and fans finding issue with the story. Honestly, it’s hard to follow up a galaxy spanning attempt to save all organic life from genocide. Andromeda’s stakes would never be that high, especially at the beginning of a new trilogy. As for the tech issues, Bioware continues to patch them, and they look lightyears (see what I did there?) better than at launch. I’ve got my fingers crossed that a sequel is in the works soon, as I can’t wait to continue Ryder’s journey across Heleus and out into the rest of the galaxy.

This year I finally got around to making the Mass Effect cosplay I've wanted to do for years! I was originally going to try Shepard's Battle Dress Uniform from Mass Effect 3, but with Andromeda's release, I went with both casual and hardsuit versions of Ryder. It's taken work, but I'm so excited with the result.

So this holiday, pour yourself a tall glass of Batarian Ale (skip the Ryncol), stretch out on the couch, and watch Blasto 6: Partners in Crime. As for me...

"I should go."


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