PSA: International Cosplay Day

As Halloween is almost upon us, remember that you can be anyone (or anything) you want. May people feel pressured to be scary or especially revealing, but it doesn’t mean you have to! There are thousands of characters, crossovers, and punny outfits to choose from! Random side character from an anime? Do it. Harry Potter on the USS-Enterprise? Why not? A literal Sharknado? Perfect.

Sometimes it’s as simple as adding small details to a pre-existing costume. When it came to last Halloween, I added a pair of Sith contacts and a bit of makeup to my “Hero of Tython” Jedi cosplay to make a dark side corrupted version. Seemed like a good Halloween theme. Outside of figuring out how to get the contacts in my eyes (Ahhh, it burns!), it was pretty simple to do! Plus, it was perfect for freaking Jae out a bit.

Supporting your friends is important as well! It’s the one day each year when everyone embraces costuming, so encourage your friends to pick what speaks to them! Perhaps their favorite fandom! It doesn’t have to be super complicated, but it allows for so many more options than Freddy Kreuger or Sexy Cookie Monster (yes, that’s a real costume).

A few years ago, a few of my friends and I actually made an Ezio Auditore Master Assassin cosplay for my friend's birthday, as it was just before Halloween. As none of us had access to a sewing machine, it ended up being two weeks of cutting up old clothes, gluing, and handsewing for hours each evening. We were lucky that he and I are about the same size, so I could generally be a living dressform on occasion. Not an experience I'd like to repeat (so many times I stabbed myself), but it was worth it for the results, and just seeing the look on my friend's face.

It might even be a good chance to make a group cosp- I mean, theme party. It can be hard to get a group together in related costumes, so take advantage of it!

Just try not to get arrested as a clown in the woods or for indecent exposure…


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