Professional Vs. Personal

I've seen a few other cosplayers post about this in the past, and wanted to personally address it as well. As I travel around to cons, I meet all sorts of amazing and varied people. Many times we come away trading information so we can continue to follow each other's progress.

That said, I usually prefer to connect through my "professional" pages on Facebook and Instagram. I created these pages exclusively for my cosplay work, and as a platform to show it off, chronicle my adventures (as well as Jae's!) and keep others updated. My personal page I always tried to keep access restricted only to those close to me. It's a way I've kept the two things separate while staying connected.

I hope that others aren't offended if I chose not to accept a personal friend request. I'm always happy to interact through my social media and email, and I make an effort to respond to any messages as soon as possible.

Amusingly, I end up updating my professional pages way more frequently than my personal accounts. ​Between work, life, and cosplay, I only really do anything worth showing off when I plan some international adventure...

So most of the cool stuff is cosplay-related anyway. ​

But what does everyone else think? Is separation the best way to compartmentalize? Am I off-base? How do you handle strangers when it comes to your social media? Let us know in the comments below!

​-Blackstar ​

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