How you doin'?

Welcome to the Better With Cosplay blog!

A bit of background: Based in the Washington, DC area, ​ Jae (of Crazy Jae Cosplay) ​is a jack-of-all trades and the driving force behind everything you see here. She found me in a random convention hall, and her... unorthodox style and sense of humor meant I happily joined up as her cosplay partner.

This site began from the one big burst of inspiration from Jae. She's been a Cosplayer for years, honing her craft and attending cons across the United States... but lately she's been looking for a way to combine cosplay with some of her other passions, namely photography and cooking. It's how the name stuck!

But I digress - Along with ​the ​other sections of this site, I'll be contributing blog posts periodically. As a Cosplayer​, ​amateur costumer,​ and walking bag of snark,​ I'm planning to write on topics I've come across in the cosplay community, but we'll see where it goes. ​Jae will of course be posting her own stream-of-consciousness on life, photography, cooking, and being a badass. ​If there's any topics you'd like to see covered, please leave us a comment, or shoot us an email!

And remember: everything is Better With Cosplay.


Batgirl (Crazy Jae Cosplay) and Nightwing (Blackstar Cosplay) at AwesomeCon 2016

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