The Land of the Nerds - Star Wars Celebration 2017

On April 13, 2017 Crazy Jae Cosplay and Black Star Cosplay arrived in a very hot, sunny, muggy Orlando, FL for the bi-annual celebration of all things Star Wars. This action packed weekend will go down in our history as one of the coolest experiences as fans, cosplayers, and photographers.

This is the first time I had ever waited in a line to get into an arena that wrapped a mile around and took three hours to get near the door. It was actually longer than this, but I stopped counting at a mile, and stopped looking at my watch after three hours. However, the real fun began when we got inside.

The first event of note was a celebration of the 40th celebration of the original movies. Some very unexpected guests arrived, including the one and only Harrison Ford. As they were calling each person out to the stage, the crowd grew louder and louder. The first large roar and standing ovation was for the creator himself, George Lucas. To be honest, I couldn't stop crying; I was watching it on an alternate screen because there were no more lottery seats for the Main stage.

To me, some of this was the experience of seeing all these gigantic, full scale models in real life. This walker (to the left) was at least ten feet tall. That bunker was about six and a half. There we all sorts of props, models, full scale replicas. This is truly a fangirl/boy/person best experience ever.

To the right is the who clearly has R2D2 in the rear.

The Rebel Legion area was filled with Jedi, and extended universe trinkets. This Old Republic, Satil light saber hilt was one of eight ever built. The model below was given one to show off with her $8,000+ Satil costume. As always Jae was networking and chatted with the man that created the Satil outfit. He gave Jae his card, and promised we would meet up at Dragon Con in the fall.

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