Travel Tastes: Trdelník

For this amazing Travel Tuesday, I want to enlighten you with some travel tastes that I have experienced from all over the world. Today, I am going to take us back to when I was in Prague, Czech Republic in the Spring and Summer of 2016.

Just imagine walking around this old town, full of bright colors and continued hatred for Russia and the previous Soviet Union, and smelling sugar. It's a super sweet smell, you can almost taste it. As you walk along the street the scent grows more powerful. As you get closer there's a hint of pastry and cinnamon.

Your nose will bring you to an open air shop where there are baked goods on the rotisserie grill. After these pale biscuits are put over the flame, they crisp up and turn a nice golden brown. They don't puff up too much, but they will make a delicious crunch when you inevitably rip into it. After they roast the pastry they spray it and dip it in cinnamon sugar. There it is baby! What I am talking about is Trdelník.

It's this funky super touristy tradition that has taken over the streets of the city center in Prague. They come with a napkin and you pay pennies for them. It's a gigantic roll of pastry with cinnamon and sugar.

In recent years, some of the stores have decided to be a little more creative and have started to make them into more an ice cream cone shape. Then they fill it with just that, ice cream. At this point we've basically reach churro type of ice cream shell.

Some other shops have decided to add some chocolate or some almonds to the outside for some extra sweetness or savory crunch.

For me, I just like the basic yummy plain and typical Trdelník.

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